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Subject:Unable to enter login details in the mobile app 



I use a samsung gt featurephone, everything seems to work just fine, but unfortunately I am unable to enter the web login details. Does anyone have an idea of a useable workaround? The text input does not allow switching between capital and small letters, the typing speed required is also extremely fast, and the complete absence of a backspace button means that on wrong letter necessitates me to start typing all the details all over again. I do have bluetooth, but not a separate bluetooth keyboard. (And no, I'm not going to look for an impact- and water resistant smartphone for the sake of this application :D) Any help appreciated.



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800


I'm not sure about this - the Username/Password screen is displayed using the phones default settings, so its up to the phone itself to provide the necessary keyboard input as required. If it wasn't for the need for lowercase letters would you then be able to enter the fields (perhaps after several attempts)? If so you could change the device password (via the website MY ACCOUNT/Settings/Devices page) to only be uppercase, see if that helps?

Any luck?




Thanks for a quick reply! I changed my password into something compatible with the text input method, which eventually solved the problem. :) After some more experimentation, I found out that by pressing [#] for a longer period of time enables me to enter a different text input mode (the default one that my phone's text messaging etc. uses). I wonder if the Java version used by my phone is designed for phones with an extra button or two XD

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