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Subject:revamping key shortcuts idea 




Phone Model:
bb, e51

hello stephen,

one of the many nice features of tmj is the possibility to define own shortcuts. sure, they only makes sense on phones with qwerty keyboard but being an owner of blackberry device i am using shortcuts where i can. current concept is okay but very limiting - there's only a handful of actions that could be assigned to keys. i was thinking.. since all but "mimic-something" currently available actions have its representation in main menu, why not to let user define the keys as follows:

{key code} - {main menu|shortcut menu+screen number for which it will be applied} - {number sequence}

so for instance i could have for instance "m"-key assigned to mapnik tiles in map screen (6) via
109 ("m") - menu6 - 424

this would certainly stop me from having to keep all those sequences in memory (e. g. screen6-42x, main-422, screen4-57..) and also become faster in handling tmj.



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