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Subject:Recent Website Updates - April 2009 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

You may have noticed some of the small changes that I've made to the website over that last week or so...

- Public Tracks: each users stored tracks now have an option on the Track Info page to set the Track Privacy. The options are:
Private - the track is only viewable by the user (and any friends that are linked to their account/track folder).
Public and listed in Library - the track is publically viewable and will also be listed in a track library (yet to be released).
Public but not in Library - the track is publically available but won't be shown in the library. Tracks which are Public will have a unique URL (of the form so that they can be emailed to friends, or linked to from a users own website.
Note that any Track Folders that are marked as Public in the SETTINGS/Permissions page will automatically have their contents set as fully public. I shall therefore leave it a week or two before releasing the Library page, in case anybody wishes to review their account permissions settings.

- I've added a few extra items to the SETTINGS/Account page... Users Weight (used in the Calorie calculations). Forum Profile settings to set your location/phone model as displayed in this forum. Mailing List subscription option: it would occasionally be useful to contact the TMJ community to notify of updates/changes etc, so this option allows users to opt-in to these emails. (Note that this is ALL this will be used for, I'm very aware of how irritating un-solicited e-mails can be!). The option is disabled by default.

- Customisable display units: the SETTINGS/Account page now allows you to set preferred units for the site (eg Miles/Kilometres/Knots/MPH/KMH etc). The Track Info and Map pages also now have links to briefly change the units.

- Energy Calculation: the Track Info page now display the same Calorie calculations as used in TMJ-Mobile, based on the 'Activity' setting for the track. (The activity needs to be set to Walking, Cycling or Running types for the calculations to appear).


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