TMJ-Mobile Compatibility Survey

Does Your Handset Work?

If your handset is not listed on the Compatibility page, to help with development of the program please report your findings by completing this form so that the list can be kept up-to-date and the program customised to work on as many devices as possible.

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Does the application INSTALL successfully, without errors?  Yes No
Installation procedure varies between phones. Notes:
Does the application START UP successfully, without errors?  Yes No
Should display splash screen for 4 seconds then Position page. Notes:
Do the phone keys all work correctly?  Yes No
Check there is a key that displays the Menu and another which closes it, plus Up/Down/Left/Right/Fire/0-9/*/# keys. Notes:
Does the phone connect successfully to the Bluetooth GPS device?  Yes No Not sure
Use the Menu/GPS/Connect GPS function to try this. Notes:
Does the phone successfully send its location to the TrackMyJourney website?  Yes No Not sure
Menu/Web/Enable Upload, then monitor Screen 1 Page 5 for Response. Notes:
General comments, further notes about the handsets compatibility, or suggestions for program features.
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