Upgrade to the Full Version of TMJ-Mobile

Benefits of Upgrading

The Basic Version of TMJ-Mobile provides most of the features found in the Full version but with some limitations, summarised below:


Basic Version

Full Version

Vector Maps

20-tile TrialYes

Track Recording

100 points per trackYes



File Import

Waypoints OnlyYes

File Export


Live Tracking

Yes (minutely)Yes

Raw GPS Data Logging


Notes: 1) The Full Version Waypoints and Trackpoints are unlimited in number, but it should be noted that storing several hundred waypoints or very long tracks can slow down some functions. 2) Some older phones (Motorola in particular) don't allow access to the memory card so the file functions may not be available in either version. 3) Live tracking in the basic version is limited to minutely updates while the Full Version allows updates up to every 15 secs.

Try the Basic Version First...

Since there are so many different mobile phone models on the market, each with regional variations and connecting through various operators, it is impossible to test TMJ-Mobile on all handsets. Therefore it is recommended that before upgrading to the Full version you try the Basic version and see if it works satisfactorily on your phone. In particular, if you are interested in the live tracking or online vector/raster maps then check that the web functions work (particularly Menu/Web/Enable Upload), as internet access often varies between handsets/operators.

How To Buy...

Select a license duration below and click the Buy Now button to go to the PayPal secure payment page, which can be made via credit or debit card or direct from an existing PayPal account if you have one (though this is not necessary). You will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal, and I'll then manually record the payment against your TrackMyJourney account and send instructions for unlocking the Full version (usually within an hour or so, but please allow 24 hours just in case).

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