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Subject:rfe: keyboard semilock on bb 




Phone Model:
bb, e51

hello stephen,

i use TMJ primarily on my scooter. often i find myself reaching out to pockets for my blackberry in order to record a new POI for osm. in order to do this one has to always follow these steps:

- unlock
- press to start recording
- press gain to stop recording
- lock

while handling my rides with one hand it's not that much fun so i wonder if you could add non-system keylock that would respond to audio-recording shortcut. so it would look like this:

- keep bb unlocked, sw-lock TMJ
- press and hold while recording POI (as recording normally takes only a few seconds)

is something like this feasible?

thank you,




Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

When you say 'sw-lock' TMJ do you mean the Menu/Display/Lock Keypad option? In the BlackBerry version this just calls the BlackBerry APIs built-in keypad lock, however it hasn't worked at all on my Torch for ages after a BB firmware update. (But even if it did work, then TMJ is unable to receive keypad events until the BlackBerry is manually unlocked anyhow). Non-BlackBerry versions do have a separate TMJ-only lock, but to be honest I'd rather not add this back into the BlackBerry version, just seems to overcomplicate things.

However I'll see if the press-and-hold-to-record is easy to implement, ideally it could support both methods: ie if the button is only pressed for, say 0.5 secs then it'll wait for a second press to stop the recording, otherwise it'll stop when the button is released. I'll have a look...


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