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Subject:bad performance in waypoint menu with 2000+ lists 




Phone Model:
bb, e51

hi stephen,

i do a lot of audiotagging so waypoints are adding pretty quickly. recently i noticed it takes quite a long time to switch between waypoint groups (tabs). apparently, my "OSM" tab with almost 2000 entries is to blame. i wonder what is causing the delay in loading it and if it can be increased. if it's because of calculating the distance to current location - i don't really need that - maybe disabling it for large lists could be a workaround?





Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Hi Jose,

The waypoints lists are really only intended for perhaps a couple of hundred waypoints, so I'm not surprised its getting slow with 2000+ waypoints! For OSM mapping I use the following routine...

- Under Menu/Web/Waypoint Sync set the first group syncing to Upload Only
- Ensure that Menu/Web/Waypoint Sync/Upload Automatically is ticked
- Do the OSM mapping as usual, with the Audio tag waypoints being stored in this first waypoint group
- Any waypoints that I want to keep on the phone indefinitely I move into other groups
- Every so often (after each batch of editing the map in Potlatch) I clear the first group via Menu/Clear/Waypoints/Group 1

Using this method the waypoints are still archived on the website and can be synced back to the phone if necessary (though I never tend to go back to an OSM audio tag once finished with).

This keeps the phone waypoints down to a manageable amount (currently about 300 on mine), with the remaining ones (around 5000) being stored on the web...

Hope it helps!


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