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Hi Stephen,

Just something I noticed when looking at the Google map of a route I walked recently on the TMJ Website.
It seems that some of the 'points of interest' that show on the normal Google Maps website are missing when the same area (at the same zoom) is viewed in TMJ.
For example, if you look at the area near 51deg, 48min, 10sec N  0,34,53 E
On the Google Maps website, there are POIs for Ashridge Golf Club, Ashridge Management College, and two Ashridge Monuments(one is wrong!).
On the same map viewed in TMJ, of those above, only the (wrong) Ashridge Monument POI shows, the others are not there.
It's not a problem, and I'm not asking you to do anything about it, but I just wondered if it was a choice you could make programatically when handling the Google API, or if the data that Google supplies via its API has limited POI information??




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Hi Chris,

Actually I'm not certain about this either. TMJ is using an older version (v2) of the Google Maps API, rather than the very latest (v3.8), so it might simply be an API issue or maybe they only appear on the Google maps site itself. The documentation doesn't seem to give an option to turn them on/off so its probably hardcoded in the API. It looks like the POI images are already part of the map tile images (I had wondered whether they were overlaid by the browser to get the 'clickable' areas), so there must at least be a different set of tiles for the different API versions...


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