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Subject:Display of vector map local gazetteer, & waypoint list sorting ?? 



On the web sites " TMJ-MOBILE" page in the section
VECTOR MAPS>Vector Maps vs Raster Maps>Tile Metadata -
It indicates that "place names, street names, etc are stored within the tile allowing a local gazetteer to be easily displayed."
Also the change log for ver .73 indicates
"- Added Sort by: Distance from Map Centre option to Vector Map gazetteer and Waypoint lists (in addition to Sorting Alphabetically or by Distance to Current Location)"

I have looked at every option I can find and have been unable to produce a gazetteer or waypoint list to sort for the vector maps I have downloaded to the plan page #4.

1)If anyone knows how to produce these displays I would appreciate the information.
2)Is it possible to display the street and poi names on vector maps as is shown on the raster maps? If so how?
The street names are not shown on the vector maps I have downloaded. Each name is individually shown in an information bar at the bottom of the map when physically on that street. That doesn't help if you are looking for a street not yet reached.



Found answers to first question regarding gazetteer and waypoint lists in vector maps.
It is in option Plan menu>Go To Location...#4-#7

Have not discovered if it is possible to display street names on the vector maps as is shown in raster maps.



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Hi Tom,

No, unfortunately Java/J2ME doesn't offer a simple/fast way to draw rotated text so its not possible to show street names on the vector maps in the same way as on the raster maps. The vector maps are drawn 'live' so I had to make a number of compromises in order to speed up their rendering time...


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