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Subject:Not working on elm 




I cant seem to get tmj to work on my elm, I have connected using the internal gps, and in the general tab it says "int-gps signal ok" but all the data like speed, bearing, gradient either read N/A or 0,
Anybody have any ideas what could be wrong,



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800


Which options do you have ticked under Menu/GPS/GPS Options? Try the following:

- Allow Costs: TICK
- Basic Connection: TICK
- Overide GPS Time: UN-TICK
- Parse NMEA Data: UN-TICK

Also untick GPS/Auto-Connect. Do a full phone reboot (switch off and remove the battery for a few seconds). Then after restarting ensure that in the phones Location Settings (not sure exactly where this'll be, have a hunt around for it) ensure that 'Assisted GPS' or 'Location Aiding' (or similar, to enable the Assisted GPS) is also ticked. Finally, in the phones Applications list, under TMJ-Mobile/Permissions, make sure that Location services are all fully allowed.

Restart TMJ and manually connect to the GPS. Give it (possibly) several minutes outside (with a clear view of the sky) to see if it gets a fix...

If still no luck, try disabling the 'Allow Costs' option, and also disable the Assisted GPS in the phone settings, then reboot a second time and try TMJ again... Give it a good 10 minutes to try to get a fix (this method won't use the internet to get the initial satellite data, so it has to slowly download this from the satellites themselves).

Also, don't know if this'll be relevant, but this page and this page suggest other issues with the Elm's GPS device, might be worth checking for any firmware updates via the SE Update Service.

Any luck?




Thanks for the reply
I recently updated the phone and it seams to have caused problems with the phones gps, all my apps that use gps cant get a gps signal. Iam going to try and restore my phone to the previous settings

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