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Subject:GPS Connections LG990 




Phone Model:
BB Torch 9800

I have an LG990 (java) and TMJ works just fine on. I used the generic version of TMJ.

The LG is a touch screen and it seems to have good functionality and works really well with my little bluetooth 'activepilot receiver' which I purchased from Maplins (Absurdly cheap!) get it why you can!

The only problem I really had was login in and setting up online on the LG's relatively small screen it was difficult to pan around a full size website as you are never seeing the whole picture....

Apart from that it works fine. The only problem I have is the clock is an hour behind despite trying to set it up via the phone...... roll on winter!

Great bit of kit and im very pleased with it and have today upgraded.




Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback - glad to hear TMJ is working well on the LG990.

I agree that the default site rendering isn't ideal when viewed on a small screen. However, if you access the site via the TMJ Menu/Help/Online Support function it *should* then display in a 'reduced formatting' version, without the blue borders and logo, and is much clearer for viewing on a mobile. (Admittedly its probably a bit late to tell you about this!!)

The clock issue sounds like you might need to adjust the phones 'daylight saving' settings. I don't know about the LG990 specifically, but its Time/Date settings should have separate options for Timezone and Daylight Saving. Make sure that the Timezone is set to GMT+0 (assuming you're in the UK) and that Daylight Saving is enabled. Then reset the phone time to the correct current time (it might now be an hour out), and TMJ should then display the correct time.

Hope this helps!


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