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Subject:Bye bye TMJ (hope not) 



NL, Medemblik - Regattacenter

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I've been using TMJ for over a year with great pleasure. The best app I had on my Symbian S60 and the only one in years I paid for (well it was a donation at the time).
Symbian is losing ground rapidly and the new version will probably be available too late.

As you can see here [1] the (US) market is dominated by 2 platforms: iPhone and Android. Personally I have nothing against iPhone, but very much prefer Android.
So now I'm the happy owner of an Android phone (Motorola Milestone) and it rocks!!

To end this post: Please consider (not only for me, but also for the future of TMJ) to start adopting the mobile platforms of this decade, being iPhone (2nd) and Android (1st).
Also, both have app stores so distribution and payment is easy.

Thanks for the great app, that is now on my dead S60 phone.





Surrey, UK

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Hi Paul,

Whilst I'm dubious that 'web traffic' is a reliable measure of a phones market share (if I remember correctly BlackBerry has/had a bigger overall share than both the iPhone and Android put together) I agree that it would be good if there was an Android version of TMJ, that could use its superior graphics and other capabilities to the full.

I've had several other users mention the same thing recently (and including the iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms).

My problem is simply lack of resources/time to rewrite/adapt TMJ to a different platform. Whilst Android should be the easiest platform to port to (being Java-based like J2ME) it is still likely to be a complex challenge!

Its is becoming difficult enough to support J2ME as it is, without having a completely different codebase to maintain at the same time.

Having said that, Android would certainly be the first 'other' platform that I would like to support, so I don't rule it out for the future, but equally wouldn't like to put a time-frame on when/if this might happen!


(S60 phones can work pretty well with just Wifi and a PAYG SIM, so maybe your old phone isn't completely useless just yet ;-)

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