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Nailsea, North Somerset, UK

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Hi Stephen

Quick question. I've been working on the OSM map around Nailsea again and I've noticed that the streets I've added recently don't show on the vector map yet (after a week or so). They're not on Cloudmade either, but they do show on the OSM Mapnik maps etc.

Do you maintain the vector map or is that Cloudmade. If it's you, how often do they get updated?

I like the latest version by the way - there's quite a few small changes that make it much nicer to use - thanks.




Surrey, UK

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Hi Paul,

Try reloading the map tiles again now - I've run a re-render of the Nailsea area so the new streets should now show up.

I maintain the vector maps myself - they are rendered on-demand from a daily-updated OSM database, but are then cached on the website for 14 days before re-rendering. I'd ideally reduce or eliminate this caching, but the tiles take a significant time to generate (especially in very densely mapped areas) so this isn't currently feasible with my under-spec server hardware!

I've been meaning to add a page on the website for marking an area for re-rendering, eg if you've just mapped a new area etc, but in the meantime feel free to request a re-render when required.


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