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Bogota, Colombia

I tried to syncronize the web and the phone WPs in My Account. The result was that the phone ended up with only the WPs that were in My account. Other WPs I had created in the phone were overwrittrn and lost. How can I export WPs I have in the phone to My account?



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800


The Web/Waypoint Sync/Update Now function *should* synchronise the waypoints in both directions, but I suspect that you've hit upon an annoying bug which seems to happen occasionally, and that I've yet to fully figure out, which can result in the phones waypoints not making it to the website, and are also then deleted from the phone.

It may be a separate issue, but do you get any connection errors when using the web functions, in particular:
- does the 'Failed' part of the Sent/Received/Failed field on the Text/GENERAL page increment at all when doing a Waypoint Sync (ideally the Sent and Received values should increment, with the Failed staying at 0).
- does the Text/GPS-WEB/Last Web response field show any errors (it should usually just show a time and possibly nearby street/town)
- does the Event Log show any web-related errors (Menu/Settings/Debug/View Event Log)

I'm coincidentally planning to revise the waypoint syncing code for the next version, which should hopefully finally fix this bug. In the meantime, if you're finding the waypoint deletion is happening frequently, you can alternatively export the Waypoints to an OZI file on the phones memory card, then upload this to the website manually (rather fiddly though, I admit!!)



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