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With larger numbers of waypoints (I usually have over a thousand), waypoints updating takes quite a while, especially in poor connection conditions. I wish there was (maybe there is but I'm unaware of) some sort of progress inticator, showing that: the update operation is underway, or it failed or succeeded. Currently I'm often tempted to click again on the "update waypoints now" because I think it failed but on the other hand I'm not sure if its not just still running ...



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Hi Shchenka,

I agree generally that some functions in TMJ don't give a clear indication of what is happening - particularly the web-based waypoint sync and routing functions where the 'delay' is caused by the background connection process. I've thought about maybe adding some discrete status icons that appear during these operations, though have yet to decide how to implement this.

In the meantime the Snt/Rcd/Fld fields on the Text/GENERAL screen can give a reasonable insight into the web status, for example when doing a Waypoint sync:

- The Snt (Transmissions Sent) field will increment by 1.

- There is then a delay whilst the phone establishes the web connection and the TMJ webserver prepares its response.

- If the connection fails for some reason (eg due to lack of network signal, etc) then the Fld (Failed Transmissions) field will increment by 1 and the Syncing process will stop - you can then initiate it again manually to try again. (Note that on some phones there can be quite a delay, possibly a minute or two, before the phone decides that the connection is not attainable, and reports this back to TMJ)

- If the connection succeeds and the webserver reponds then the 'Bytes Recd' field will begin to increase as the data is downloaded to the phone. If syncing lots of waypoints through a slow GSM connection then this can take several seconds.

- Once the complete response has been successfully received the Rcd (Received Transmissions) will increment and the new waypoint data is merged with the existing data on the phone.

So in general the Snt field should = the Rcd + Fld fields, and if not then a web process is probably running in the background. (Occasionally the figures may get out-of-sync when downloading vector or raster map tiles - I suspect there may be a minor bug in one of these processes which doesn't always increment the fields correctly!)

There is also another issue whereby if you initiate a Waypoint Sync whilst TMJ is in the middle of a location upload (ie if Enable Upload has previously been selected), then the Waypoint Sync request may be ignored. Usually to get around this I do a Waypoint Sync at the start of a trip before selecting Enable Upload, though its yet another issue that I need to properly fix!


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