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Subject:Updates - 12 February 2007 - TMJ-Mobile v0.4.9 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

New Version: v0.4.9

New features:
- Rearranged page numbering to group pages more logically.
- *New* Navigation View showing a 3D Rotated Track-up plan display.
- Visual Improvements to Text Information pages with further statistics available on Route and Track pages.
- New menu option to Simplify Track - reduces trackpoints to save memory.
- Various improvements to memory usage and storage of track/waypoints/route when application is inactive.
- Function on route page to automatically select nearest routepoint (press [3] twice).
- Numerous other small bug fixes and tweaks.

NOTE: Due to changes in the way that data is stored on the phone, any existing Track, Route or Waypoints will not be saved from the previous version. It is therefore recommended that you syncronise the Waypoints with the TrackMyJourney website or save them to the phones memory card before installing the new version. It is also recommended to delete the previous version from the phone before installing this version (to recover any memory that wouldn't otherwise be released by the old version).

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