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Subject:Updates - 11 December 2006 - TMJ-Mobile!! 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Announcing new program release: TMJ-Mobile

I figured a while ago that the best way to further develop TrackMyJourney was for it to have better integration with the mobile phone software. Therefore I have been working on TMJ-Mobile for the last couple of months, and its now available as a beta-version. I have so far only been able to test it on a small number of phone handsets, but hopefully it should work on most new phones (Sony Ericsson and Nokia in particular).

Check it out via the TMJ-MOBILE link at the top of the page.

Also changed the Track Plan and Graph pages to use a Java applet to display the data. Should be a bit quicker now...

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